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Top 5 Healthy Gaming Snacks

Everybody who plays video games knows that having snacks is the perfect compliment to every gaming session. However, some of us do get a little carried away with snacking, especially when the delicious food you’re eating is just so damn addicting. Well, the point of this article is to provide some snack alternatives that still hit the spot, but won’t make you feel as guilty for binge eating on snacks.

Ranked “Healthy” Snacks:
1. Beef Jerky – This is my personal favorite go to healthy snack, because it’s very satisfying and has plenty of flavors to choose from to keep it interesting. My favorite brands are Country Archer and Old Trapper.

1. Frozen Grapes (Vegan option) – This is my personal favorite vegan option go to healthy snack. This in my opinion, if you haven’t heard of it is a hidden gem snack. It puts a whole knew meaning to grapes, and just makes them so much damn enjoyable.

2. Mixed Nuts And Dried Fruit – I would try to avoid the ones with M&M’s because I personally always tend to go after them when I get a trail mix that included M&M’s , but if you eat everything then I would say it’s a still a more healthier snack option than most other things at the markets.

3. Fruit – Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Pineapples, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Peaches, Apricots, Watermelons, Mangoes, Pomegranates, etc. Are all underrated snacks. Throw some whip cream on some cut strawberries and you’ll probably hit that craving and sweet tooth without any issues.

4. Greek Yogurt – Throw in some berries/fruit of your choice and you got yourself a very delicious snack, that’s probably still not the most healthiest in the world but is probably much better than eating Twinkies, ice cream, a bunch of chocolate, etc.

5. String Cheese – A very simple snack, or a fun one that honestly you just can’t go wrong with. There are no carbs or sugar in string cheese, at least there isn’t suppose to be.

Are you surprised some of your snacks didn’t make the cut? Have some suggestions you’d like to add? Please let us know and comment below.

Guide To Buying Video Games

If you’re thinking about starting to collect video games or if you’ve been collecting, this guide will cover some essential tips when it comes to buying video games for collecting purposes or if you’re looking to just replay some of your classic favorites.

Item’s Condition:
Depending on what condition you want will change the price of an item sometimes drastically.

Brand New – The item should be in the original packaging and unopened. Make sure to check the shrink wrap on the items, some stores will re-shrink wrap the item, some do it to keep the item clean but sometimes shady merchants will mark the item as brand new even though it isn’t. Not only that, some shady merchants have mastered the art of shrink wrapping and they make it harder to spot re-shrink wrapped items. There are usually guides for specific games on how to determine if it is truly brand new.

Some items won’t have shrink wrap on them, but they will have a seal to indicate if it’s been open before. However, this isn’t always the case, there are some exceptions where items will not have a seal or shrink wrap, you should do some research on the item if these type of things are important to you.

Most video game consoles from Japan are not shrink wrapped nor do they have a seal on them. This is because the Japanese tend to have a strong moral and honor system from my understanding, so they don’t feel the need to have to seal the items is my assumption.

New – Typically, this means the item is complete and brand new, but the package has been opened and the item may have been turned on once or twice to test it works. Make sure the item is complete if that’s what you’re looking for.

Used – This means the item is not new and has been used. There is no guarantee of it being complete. You will in most cases just receive the item with no case or packaging.
Ex: Disc only, and no case.

Complete and In-Complete:
If the item is complete with all inserts and nothing missing, then the item is more valuable than if you were to just have only the game itself. Sometimes the box or case of a game is more valuable than the game itself because most people threw away their game cases or other packaging, which means there are less circulating around.

For instance Pokemon HeartGold. The game sells for roughly $80 by itself as of right now. If you have the original box, pokewalker, and inserts, you’re looking at almost getting $150 if not more.

Chinese Replicas:
Some of the most popular games on cartridges for the GB, GBC, GBA, DS, Etc. are being remade illegally. Merchants sometimes will let you know the item is a replica, but some will not. Some people will resell replica copies without even knowing it. If you’re about to drop a good chunk of change on a game, make sure to look and compare

Online Retailers:
1. Ebay pricing does not necessarily control the true price of an item.
– Pay attention to sold listings only. This tells you what people are actually paying for the items.
– Some people pull the trigger on over priced items because they don’t want to wait or have the patience to look around. This drives up prices but does not mean an item is truly worth that amount.

2. Amazon Third-Party Sellers
– Not Amazon, so don’t expect a top quality item/condition of a product, be cautious as Amazon doesn’t have additional photos like Ebay does, so you’ll have to just hope what you buy is accurate and in a decent condition.
– Usually, it’s always more expensive than Ebay for really no reason. My bet is people assume it’s from Amazon and not a third-party seller so they don’t mind paying the premium.

3. Mercari/Offer up/ETC
– Be extremely careful, the customer support on these platforms are not on the same level as Amazon or Ebay, you can be stuck with an in-accurate item and not receive a refund(If this happens, reach out to your bank).
– Pay attention to user ratings, you can score items for cheap and with confidence.
– Pay attention to the photos, some users will try to hide flaws, Mercari, will not refund you if you receive the exact same item listed, so make sure ahead of time for any signs of damage or wear if the condition matters to you.

Generally everything said above can be applied to any of the platforms. If you have any information you’d like to add, please leave a comment.

We hope this helps some of you out on your video game collecting adventure.

My Nintendo Account Got Hacked!

I wake up like any other day during the corona times, I get up, make my coffee and catch up on some notifications. Interestingly enough I see someone logged into my Nintendo account for the first time on a device 2-hours ago. I of course immediately changed my Nintendo password and log out all devices. I also noticed one person logged in from the U.K. and the other was from India, but I’m in the United States.

This isn’t a one-off instance of this happening, apparently the last couple months a lot of Nintendo accounts have been getting hacked.

Check out this official Nintendo community forum thread for some more insight on how large the situation is. Here are some examples:

Even recently last month there was an attack on Fortnite players through exploiting PayPal.

With all these Nintendo accounts being compromised, I wanted to explain a few ways to keep your Nintendo account safe, and what you should do. I know what you’re thinking, “This guy just got his account hijacked briefly, and he wants to tell us how to keep our accounts safe now?”. Yes, with this happening to me, it makes it easier to explain to people steps I took to re-secure my account and what steps I will be taking to try to prevent this from happening.

  1. Make sure your Nintendo account is linked to an email account that you frequently check or receive notifications on your phone for. If any sudden changes happen or a new device is logged into your account, Nintendo will automatically send you an email to notify you.
  2. Change your password and setup 2-Step Verification. This step alone would have prevented my account from being hijacked. 2-Step Verification is a great security method that many companies use now to combat hackers. It can be a little frustrating to setup for some, but in the long run it will save you a major headache.
  3. Check on the Nintendo website if anyone is logged into your account from a specific device right now. Someone may already be using your account and you don’t even realize it. You have the option to log everybody out.

Keep your account safe Nintendo fans!

If you have any suggestions or tips you’d like to add please let us know in the comments below!

Gaming during the GameCube, PS2 and Xbox Era

Online gaming has evolved drastically over the years from how we communicate in-game, to the extremely competitive nature of the hobby, and….of course the rise of video game streamers. Surely, this is the best era for gamers to play video games online? Nobody, really played online during the 6th-generation of video game consoles, right?

You’d be surprised how much online gaming has truly evolved, and how gaming organizations such as MLG Pro came to be. It is true, the 6th-generation of video game consoles was just the starting ground for online gaming on consoles, starting with the Sega Dreamcast (R.I.P), but it also set the path to how online gaming would further shape to be.

“Around the turn of the millennium, Sega’s Dreamcast became the first internet-ready console to receive a worldwide release. ”

(“The History Of Online Console Gaming”, 2011)

After, the Dreamcast failed, and Playstation2 had a successful launch, Sony started to focus on online play. Some of the most popular online games during the time were the Socom games for the PS2, and Halo 2 for the original Xbox. Xbox Live was clearly a better online experience for a price, and it helped keep Sony at it’s toes.

Socom 2 Online for the PS2

The GameCube didn’t really have an online scene in the United States, however, it did do fairly decent in Japan, but the only online games were Phantasy Star Online 1, 2, and 3: C.A.R.D Revolution (“GameCube online functionality”, 2020). So there wasn’t really much diversity in the type of online games you could play.

Back to Socom, because of the interrogated ladder system and clan management system built within the game, people got competitive quickly. As clans emerged, gamers wanted to “prove” themselves, and thus, such websites like were formed. The website did so well, that it started to host competitive ladder systems and tournaments for other games as well, shortly after then becoming Socom, had put online competitive gaming for consoles on the map, but with the name change the timing was perfect for Halo 2. Once, Halo 2 had dropped it completely took over the spotlight in online gaming in general, along side other games on the website such as Rainbow Six Three, Ghost Recon, Call of Duty, BattleField, Sports Games, etc. Eventually, the owner of GameBattles sold everything to MLG, and they took over the website completely, the website still exists but it’s no longer the hyper-active community it once was.

Online Features:

Xbox Live –
Party/Voice chat
True DLC (Extra storage)
Digital Games
Friends List
Monthly Fee

Final Fantasdy XI Online for PS2

Party/Voice Chat/Friends List all dependent on the features within the video game you’re playing.
DLC – Built into the game but unlocked after purchasing.
True DLC – You needed to buy a hard drive accessory and it was mostly used for Final Fantasy XI and Nobunagas Ambition Online.

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Political Agendas Are Taking Over Gaming


Remember when you could play a video game and not worry if there was going to be a male or female main character(MC), or what race they were going to be? It could have been a damn little green alien as the MC for all you knew and it would have been easily game of the year for you. You got a game that looked cool based off magazine or online reviews and the art cover, but did you ever really think to yourself “Oh boy if this game has a woman in it, I’m not buying it”. Hell I’d say it was the opposite effect in some cases, for example “Tomb Raider” for the PlayStation 1 was a major hit and it was the 6th highest selling title for the system. Nobody cared that a woman was the protagonist. You could argue and say that Lara Croft was over “sexualized” and that’s why it did so well. It was one of the first video games to have a emphasis on female breasts but I call that bullshit. The game holds a 91 Metascore and 8.5 User Score respectively.  I’m not much for game review scores determining if a game is good or not, but it gives you the general idea overall how well the game did in most cases, so how could a pair of breasts achieve such a positive score alone? It may have helped, but a pair of breasts did not inspire amazing games such as the Uncharted series, to use the Tomb Raider formula within it’s own games. (Ironically, Tomb Raider now tries to be like Uncharted)

So it is clear that in the past, regardless if the main character was a male or female, it really wasn’t a big deal or at least not a hot controversy issue as it is today. Sure there wasn’t social media and the revolutionary internet we have today to help spark off debates, but gamers still socialized and interacted during the early internet days.

A quote back from 2012:
“The more women we have playing games, the more we will be able to have a balance between women and men in the games,” said Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft.”

Why do we need more females playing video games? 

Why can’t more females just play video games because they like video games?  Why is it an issue if females don’t play video games as much as guys in first place?  It sounds like it’s more of a problem for video game companies than an issue for the general public. Having more females buy video games on top of the usual male audience sounds like a nice bonus for any company. Plus, it’s not like females aren’t being represented at all, there has been a lot of progress towards having more female involvement. Overwatch, Final Fantasy 13, League of Legends, Tomb Raider, Child of Light, Horizon Dawn, etc. are just a few titles with female main characters or strong female characters in general. 

Females SHOULD be represented in video games and there is nothing wrong with pushing for this. However, it shouldn’t be done by force. It shouldn’t be “Hey lets make a game that involves more females”, it should be “Hey lets make a new game, I got a great idea for a Nordic Princess that’s been frozen for years and when she gets unfrozen she comes back and finds everybody dead, and avenges her village, etc.”. It should be about making a great game for people to enjoy, it shouldn’t have to inject a certain demographic into the game just because it would include more female or certain races’ involvement.  

Games such as God of War should not be criticized for it’s lack of female representation. The game’s intended audience was meant for males, so why should the game be forced to add more of a female balance? You don’t play a Barbie video game and then write a huge article on how Ken doesn’t realistically represent men or that he doesn’t have enough voice lines. BECAUSE IT’S A GAME MEANT FOR GIRLS. The hypocrisy that has plagued politics since the beginning of time has invaded the hobby that we once knew as video gaming.

Unfortunately, I think the political agenda plague has already taken over the video game industry and there is no turning back. The video game industry was never free of political agendas but most of the time it got blown off. Besides small instances like for example Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas adding a African-American as the main character, which did show some “pushback” from fans, but ultimately was ignored once the game was out and everyone realized it was an amazing game. You see the difference here? Rockstar wasn’t trying to just inject a demographic appeal towards African-Americans. The game was well made, you could clearly tell it was well thought out, it had an excellent story, it was very in-depth with what you could do in the game and it was not just a cheap cash-in for Rockstar to take advantage of, even if they did make an insane amount of money off the game, it was made for gamers to enjoy. 

There came a time where video games stopped being about us gamers, and it’s just become another bullshit media take over. Games are more about presenting an image and a stance than they are about actually being played and providing a great experience for the person playing them. How the fuck else do you explain the popularity of Twitch? You’re telling me those viewer counts aren’t higher than the amount of people actually playing the game?

Why did Blizzard have to make Solider 76 gay? I honestly don’t care who likes who, or what someone decides to do, as long as they don’t hurt anybody else in the process, but Overwatch has been out since May 24, 2016, so why would this type of information matter? Why not leave it up to the player’s imagination? This is just one of the examples you see where video game companies try to take advantage of consumers. It’s quite sickening if you think about it. There are people out there apart of the LGBT community and they’re being misrepresented with corporate media bullshit and pushed agendas, at least in my opinion. 

There is a lot I’d love to say further, but I will end this as PART 1 of the political agenda take over of video games article. 

Clash Royale – Stuck at 50% Updating Fix 2020

I’m not exactly a big mobile gamer, but I do enjoy playing Clash Royale, so much that I’ve been playing the game before it even launched in March 2, 2016.  I even stream it

However, one annoying issue I’ve ran into while playing the game over the years, is that on occasion it will load up to 50% and just literally not budge, preventing you from entering and playing the game. The game eventually tells me to retry and just fails endlessly. In some rare occasions, I’ve been able to switch from my 5G WiFi connection to my 2.4G WiFi connection and this has resolved it. 
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Monster Hunter World is the best when it comes to DLC!

Monster Hunter World is receiving it’s first DLC free update (excluding cross-over DLCs). Now if the free part alone wasn’t enough to get your attention, they will also be introducing a new monster to hunt, Deviljho. This is much needed since MH: World has the weakest roster of monsters to hunt although makes up for it in other ways.
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