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Cyberpunk 2077 Good or Bad?


Currently ongoing with its current standpoint with it’s release being so anticipated, and all those Rockstar’s to earn $1 Xbox codes for each can really amp me up for a Cyberpunk launch. Immediately I bought the game just days after the release. My first thought was how is it possible to release such a game with this much hype and not follow through with what’s expected. If you thought the same, well you are in deep hyper ego train thought process. On to the question, is it good or bad? There may not be a real answer to that due to in game mechanics being handled with updates. But my thoughts went into the game were almost untouched, than playing through the first few missions led me to this. If everyone is saying the game has glitches and everyone deserves to have a refund.

I vaguely ignored the glitches as it was almost like being apart of the game itself. What brought my attention to this game is a few things, a game engine to handle such quality and with your processor and graphics card making a due game worth looking at. Let’s skip to the free roam and why it is so well deserved to be called upon PS4 and Xbox one. We all can probably agree on one thing, this game deserve a next gen console and needs proper updates after they figure out what went wrong and how they can fix it. Yes the developers of this wide-spread Tokyo future scenery and awesome tactics. If you are on this game, I totally recommend trying to play it and ignore the glitches. Every good game has had glitches. So to be clear upon the map they chose Japan. The future set glitch free with none other than Keanu Reeves, is truly the idea of the perfect game. My honest opinion, it has room for improvement and it is a great game. There is a lot of things you can do in this game, and to give it a try and not refund your game over a few bad punches is very un-easy. And to give it a rating so early is not how any game should be rated.


My only suggestions would be to release more updates, such as any other game, and not to give the title over to another developer company. As it stands, yes there are things that can be fixed, but let’s not give in and talk so badly about it. If they cannot deliver a few updates which I’ve already updated the game twice, it is very clear that they want to perfect their mistakes or what developers call it, missing code or lack of a better term. We all deserve this launch to have zero tolerance for mistakes. But let’s just give this time for them(developers) to fix this error.

So well renowned and well put together with mistakes. What needs to happen is very clear, and we need to steer ourselves as fans that this game is probably better than 75% of the games we play. Not saying it’s the best game ever, but you can obviously tell things need to be in play before a player can actually make negative comments. Let’s sand down the game, and buffer out these glitches, and then start beating the game and telling them what a experience it has to offer. I’m not certain about what this game has in the end game, but to start off picking a character, customizing your character with enhancements is like none other.


Enough said, this is likely one of the nicest/most desolate upgrades. Keanu Reeves as the star light AI reflex boss in the shocking part LET’s GO.

If anyone has beat the game, please don’t hesitate to follow us on IG @Always.crispy ..As always let’s give this game the true tranquility of the master the art! Later Cyber World!

Socom II U.S. Navy seals, delta’s Flashback!

The history of the Socom titles lies within the connection and whose been playing the most. The moment I started playing Socom 1 was like a dream in itself. I never felt so hungry to play video games, then again I was about 12 and became better than average. Placing high in the top 20’s with a team or doubles. You may be wondering who was this guy that placed so high on Gamebattles. Fact is because I wasn’t into cheating. Which made the game more exciting except the fact some people did cheat to win games.

Once Socom II U.S. Navy seals dropped that’s when it hit me. I was ready to play for ages and win as many games as possible to raise my K/D ratio. Once Gamebattles finally breached the 2nd title of the series, I began feeling distraught and confused as to why people bother glitching and ruining your K/D for simply cheating. I give credit to all the legit players including myself and Alwayscrispy the Founder. Hence it is why I still love shooters for online games of the PlayStation consoles. Socom had its legendary maps and its not-so legendary maps.. Which it didn’t make a difference if you were better, some maps are were one sided, meaning either seals or terrorist of certain maps had it’s key camping with the hostages so infamous.

Try playing desert glory without someone hiding in the cell with a auto shotgun. You couldn’t but it was just as good to hide on top of buildings with a sniper and pmn mines. I never raised a red flag because I felt as if the M16 deserved more credit for 1 on 1 battles. Sure enough the lag played its part in all of this, due to the servers having alot of bad days from a overload of players playing during peak hours. Sadly, I played most games and one due to pub allstars or myself being a pub machine. Not here to say this game is bad, but to slap with a rating of a B-. If there was slightly less lag I would still be playing it if the servers were still up.

Rumor has it there a way to play it with your PC. Which I have tried myself, with my computer taking a sh*t and my laptop being too slow is rather uneasy. Jump right into Socom II and begin the absolute domination with your clan by your side. Or challenge your selve in singles I’d still be saying. Bye bye Socom series. We will miss you. If anyone out there can rebuild socom II it is zipper or fanbase. Lets dig into the breathe of Game battles 8v8 and 2v2. I’d surely be still playing if it was online, and paying for a high speed connection of 300 mb download.

8v8’s are simply the best way a team can prove themselves within a ranking to be the best. Top clans like LumiNoSity and Adrenaline going head to head will rock your socks off, but playing with your clan that refuses to love no matter what the cost, strategically ambushing the other clan throughout each round is everyone’s dream. I remember the days your team telling you to camp if your the last person alive. Most of the time I would accomplish a draw, but the last 30 seconds is when it gets very nerve racking.

So what any top team will tell you is to slow your strafe or shut down with a tie. I’d never miss on purpose and would win one on ones most desolately. 2v2’s are my favorite because there a lot less lag. Simply put, I never played a real 2v2 with good players until I found my partner and leader of my clan. CRiME> was his socom handle, and mine was -V a P o R. but when I discovered his individual skill. I than knew game battles was where it all began. Nobody to this day would play the Socom II title the way it should have been played, and that is strategically.

All out gunfights and absolute domination with this way of playing every game most would show in Pub matches. But playing any clan they will do this? Thus it is so, but out smarting and predicting your opponent is almost always comes out on top. But don’t be so sure you can out gun fight with RAW skill. You need to first think ok, this is game battles, I do need to play my absolute best while only playing good or you may drop in rank. Well there you have it, a complete rundown of what I feel is your feed for true titles, only for the strong.

eso: elsweyr pros/cons

What can I say about this nifty role playing game, the title says it all. So briefly I’m going to shed some light on this game and its utter silence. Also its key points of the country/region of Elsweyr.


You can literally become a necromancer bringing dead skeletons to life to attack an opponent.

Awesome classes/type of character if you will powerhouse your character by leveling.

Good character movement, essentially dodging some attacks.

Roam freely all across Elsweyr and taking down dragons with fellow players.

Pressing and holding the select button on the xbox one will allow you to get on your house from out of the blue.

Expansion pack includes Morrowind and Summerset from base game.

If other players are doing the same quest they will usually help defeat bosses.


Not knowing how to play will leave you dumbfounded on harder quests at such a low level.

Elsweyr contains only felion type characters throughout every quest until you leave the region/country. (50/50 feelings)

Most sidequests usually end up being hard without other players around you during the quest.

So with that being said, you can enjoy this game at its full potential once you reach PVP or a high level past 30’s. Good and bad days on main quest fulfillment in lower level quest. Dragon slaying is definitely my favorite thing about this game, simply because the reward of loot once all players take down the dragon, once you defeat the quest of 3 dragon deaths you will complete that specific main quest. Than repeat if you choose. Another great thing is the welding of weapons, and alchemy of the sorts. Carefully adding the right ingredient will land you a completed quest. If you fail this you can also find alternative ingredients. Simply googling how to complete the quest (quest name how to complete). Another fun thing to do is steal from treasure chests in random homes in-game. Beware the guards will eliminate you If you steal. They will attack or chase you out of the town. I really learned a deep lesson but the excitement of lockpicking and grabbing the loot can be rewarding at times. The rest is upon you to find your purpose on ESO: Elsweyr…

Need for speed: Heat Worth Everything?!

Today we have good games to review, and I thought I should make one on this game. Perfection is only a necessary trait to a great game, but how far does Need for speed: Heat take it? After about 12 hours of playing it says a lot. With two aspects which are Day or Night, you can consider either working on gaining more in-game cash during day mode. Or take on the heat from the cops and work on your Rep points at night. Keep in mind that either side has story mode missions. The night aspect puts you in a world of complete chaos amongst these other drivers gaining attention from cops. So you really need to maneuver either fast or drift past all the nostalgia. I purposely gain attraction from the night mode cops, so that I build more rep which gains you level. At a whopping level 19, I can either work on getting the in-game money to make my car much faster, or build a reputation in my crew. This game puts you in a car crew online as soon as you start playing the online mode. To top the icing on the cake, you can race other drivers(online) but I have yet to try this. No excuses here but still trying to make my car much faster. So that when I’m going 100 mph I can drift at high speed. Whichever route you take be always crispy when racing online due to the high velocity of cop chases, be warned if cops spot you at all they will pursuit. I truly find the art drifting and going through terrain to confuse the computer. It only makes sense to be a better driver, but with everything aside you will need a good car for starters. Grinding this game a lot is required to gain higher heat and that heat rises the longer you stay in a cop dwindled chase. So my best advice is to start earning cash in the beginning doing races and missions as a side hustle. Unless you love story mode only than focus on that. Keep drifting…