Clash Royale – Stuck at 50% Updating Fix 2020

I’m not exactly a big mobile gamer, but I do enjoy playing Clash Royale, so much that I’ve been playing the game before it even launched in March 2, 2016.  I even stream it

However, one annoying issue I’ve ran into while playing the game over the years, is that on occasion it will load up to 50% and just literally not budge, preventing you from entering and playing the game. The game eventually tells me to retry and just fails endlessly. In some rare occasions, I’ve been able to switch from my 5G WiFi connection to my 2.4G WiFi connection and this has resolved it. 

Now, you should always do the standard troubleshooting of:
1. Make sure the game is up-to-date on the latest firmware.
2. Uninstall/reinstall the game.
3. Power cycle your phone/tablet/etc.
4. Turn off power save mode.
5. Turn off your WiFi, and try opening up the app with just mobile data. You can turn on your WiFi again once you’ve opened the app one time successfully.
6. Try a different WiFi connection if possible.

If you can just open the app one time successfully, then the issue should clear out, and you should be able to open up the app just like you always have.

If the above did not fix your issue like it didn’t for me back in 2018, you can try this:
1. Install a VPN app from the Google Play Store or App Store. (I recommend Turbo VPN because it’s free.)
2. Activate the VPN.
3. Open Clash Royale and you’ll be able to get into the game this time.
4. Close out of everything, and uninstall the VPN app.
5. You now should be able to access the game again with no additional apps!

Hope this helps!

This article was originally published in 2018, and has been edited for 2020.

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1 year ago

Nothing above worked for me plaese tell me if you have any other method