COD: Modern warfare speaks for itself

Just to give you a little detail about my experience, I’m going to shed some light on this game. Firstly I’d like to say the game allows you to play it during an update when you first pop in the disc. Or unless you have a digital copy same goes for that. So on with the game itself, it is and was highly anticipated from a lot of gamers. Than the game was launched, my first thought was I need to buy this game, I played the original modern warfare it was awesome. So once I played the game during a update, it had me hooked and I’m not saying that just because the first match was clean cut and I was driven for a win. Weapons have their own niche with caliber and recoil, though I don’t use many of the weapons, it gave me a few options to pick up a machine gun or assault rifle. With the pistol start, I was still able to get kills regardless. And to my best of knowledge it was completely a skill based game and now on to the graphics. Talk about a complete success as far as its quality and bright map colors. Once my game finally updated, I thought where and when will my k/d be at its peak?! But in the first match, I dominated 14-7. I thought ahead and planned each spawn with intent to outplay each player, not to mention it was the way I wanted it to turn out, thank goodness.

With no set battle zone, when knowing what to do at the right time. The chemical weapons are rubbish as well as tone deaf, and of course the multiplayer is where it’s at. High octane fire fights, to a carefully plan raid on each setup. This is where experience puts you at a advantage. Hardcore mode you can take more damage, and your health regenerates. In order to confirm a kill, you have to listen to the sound of dying player. 16v16 is tedious, TDM is reluctant because rounds go quickly. Spawn at any capture point your team scores. More structure when it comes to objective rather than TDM (Team Deathmatch). Medics can bring back teammates that are in course of death. Co-op have enemies anywhere at all times from every corner. Success isn’t what you will believe from skill but feel absolutely lucky. Spec ops has realism mode, stealth, conquering, going into each game you can upgrade weapons on each wave. Going into the next wave more prepared. Gunfight, and night vision playout is a standout.

With it being the 16th Call of Duty franchise, and Infinity Ward 8th installment. It has nothing to do with the original Modern Warfares, having a different storyline. Personally, if you don’t match hardcore players, you may enjoy it more slightly vs getting beat every game. It also has a 5 hour campaign which pacing is much slower than the other Call of Duty games. Happy gunning!

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