eso: elsweyr pros/cons

What can I say about this nifty role playing game, the title says it all. So briefly I’m going to shed some light on this game and its utter silence. Also its key points of the country/region of Elsweyr.


You can literally become a necromancer bringing dead skeletons to life to attack an opponent.

Awesome classes/type of character if you will powerhouse your character by leveling.

Good character movement, essentially dodging some attacks.

Roam freely all across Elsweyr and taking down dragons with fellow players.

Pressing and holding the select button on the xbox one will allow you to get on your house from out of the blue.

Expansion pack includes Morrowind and Summerset from base game.

If other players are doing the same quest they will usually help defeat bosses.


Not knowing how to play will leave you dumbfounded on harder quests at such a low level.

Elsweyr contains only felion type characters throughout every quest until you leave the region/country. (50/50 feelings)

Most sidequests usually end up being hard without other players around you during the quest.

So with that being said, you can enjoy this game at its full potential once you reach PVP or a high level past 30’s. Good and bad days on main quest fulfillment in lower level quest. Dragon slaying is definitely my favorite thing about this game, simply because the reward of loot once all players take down the dragon, once you defeat the quest of 3 dragon deaths you will complete that specific main quest. Than repeat if you choose. Another great thing is the welding of weapons, and alchemy of the sorts. Carefully adding the right ingredient will land you a completed quest. If you fail this you can also find alternative ingredients. Simply googling how to complete the quest (quest name how to complete). Another fun thing to do is steal from treasure chests in random homes in-game. Beware the guards will eliminate you If you steal. They will attack or chase you out of the town. I really learned a deep lesson but the excitement of lockpicking and grabbing the loot can be rewarding at times. The rest is upon you to find your purpose on ESO: Elsweyr…

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