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    In today’s society we struggle with problems throughout our daily lives. Either with parents, job, friends, school, and boyfriend or girlfriend. I’ve struggled with my dad for years before I decided to just move out at 17. On top of all that I was homeless for 7-8 years off and on. Had girlfriends to live with dealt with their problems, and now I’m in a apartment living on my own. Not to say everything is great but I’ve gotten through these struggles without losing hope.

    If your finding yourself at these problems or issues than take a deep breathe. I’m not going to be to into being about God because not everyone believes in a higher power. But all you can really do is progress with your lives and love yourself before you go and love a significant other. I’ve found so many other problems such as doing drugs and making my excuse was that homelessness was the cause of it and if I weren’t homeless I wouldn’t be doing drugs. But since I’ve got into housing I’ve been clean and sober since Nov. 26th, 2015. Thankfully to my higher power I’ve had success. If it were just a responsiblity without it I’d be in the streets and continuing drug life. But let’s not focus on me, it’s all about you guys, if you have any problems or issues you’d like to share for some advice from me or any one please do so.

    Without further complications I’d love to see anyone share these things or maybe even just their feelings that you have going on. My life isn’t simple so how did I actually survive homelessness well I was fortunate that my dad would send me money after I left Oklahoma to Texas. And when that money ran out it was just panhandling and friends would support my drug addiction. And girlfriends didn’t help me financially but they gave up the ass if you get what I’m saying. So let’s dig deeper, I’m currently a web designer, struggling lower class individual living off of social services food stamps and general relief. June 5th 2018 was my court date for social security benefits. And I’m still awaiting the acceptance or deny letter in the mail. But enough about me,lets hear what you would to tell us! 🙂 :@


    Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats on being sober for so long my dude! I’ve never been in that type of situation but I know that it can’t be easy.

    I’ve dealt with depression a lot throughout my life but there’s always been good people near by to lift me up. The biggest life listen I can think of that I’ve learned to apply to everything, is to just do it. Quit saying you’re going to quit doing this and start doing that. Stop making it an announcement so everyone knows, go out and do it, stop over thinking it and putting negative thoughts into your head, just literally start doing it. It’s like muscle memory, you just keep going forward if you start the first move. If you sit in place and contemplate everything then just nothing will be done. Take charge of your life and make the best of it, everything is the way it is because you let it be and you can change it whenever you choose to change it.


    I totally agree with you. If we let our problems get to us we can’t get anything done. Solid points bro

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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