Intensity Pro 4k – What Gamers Need Out Of Tech!

Playback Footage:

First and foremost, I cannot begin to say the quality this capture card offers. Utmost reliably the best thing I’ve ever used to record my gameplay since the original model release. Ok, I know what’s blatant and it’s this new model. Easily place this device into your PC or Gaming PC. It offers the highest quality which was in my best interest. SD, HD, and ULTRA HD. My first question to its original model can it surpass 1080p. And during its time it was exactly 1080p. Nowadays, people are hunting for frames per second, and this one reaching 60 fps, will it drop frames?

You will need to adjust the settings and set it to one that your PC will allow. Hence HD is the way to go, but people are looking for better graphics, which will lead you to ULTRA HD. It is clear that it handles 4K, that will also depend on your device you wish to record off of. I’m definitely the first-hand experience and this model makes me a future buyer. With this specific capture card, an editing program is included called Davinci Resolve. Which allows you to record your gameplay with smooth quality. Ok now on to the frames, I had trouble with improper settings, so you will need a test run.


To make sure your PC setup can meet this device’s highest quality if possible. To be able to run the capture card you need anything more the half-decent RAM(4GB or Better) and need a monitor that has a 1080p or greater resolution display. So basically it is simple to edit or preview video on any size TVs, record a high frame rate gameplay online or offline. And with its ULTRA HD video technology it will give you broadcast-quality results on an easy to install PCle card. To say this is just legit is not enough. I believe if you don’t get the quality of frames per second you desire, you can always check out the latest of these Capture Card game recordings.


I really got to hand it Blackmagic design for actually making a whole new version of it. Intensity Pro 4k stands at a whopping 1080p60 and 2160p30 Ultra HD. This particular device also switches from NTSC/PAL, 720HD, 1080HD, and Ultra HD formats. It is also compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac computers. It has the ability to capture files with or without compression. Begin recording in the highest quality using Davinci Resolve or the program of your choice. It is compatible with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Fusion Studio, and Adobe After Effects.

Suggested requirements to get the most out of Intensity Pro 4k:

High speed HDMI cable 2.0 or better, 4k Tv, and RAM of 4-8GB or higher.

So there you have it, with this device I totally recommend giving it a try. Utmost reliability, useful for well known programs, highest quality available and to top it off it delivers the quality every gamer/ montage editor/ family videos deserves. Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out our Instagram @Always.crispy

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