Monster Hunter World is the best when it comes to DLC!

Monster Hunter World is receiving it’s first DLC free update (excluding cross-over DLCs). Now if the free part alone wasn’t enough to get your attention, they will also be introducing a new monster to hunt, Deviljho. This is much needed since MH: World has the weakest roster of monsters to hunt although makes up for it in other ways.

Along with Deviljho being introduced, there will be balance changes done to weapon classes. Most of the changes seem to be buffing the weapon or fixing a bug so the change should be nice. I’m sick of using the insect glaive and having my extract effects deplete just because I mounted a monster.

Free DLC is not something new when it comes to Capcom’s beloved Monster Hunter series as it’s been the norm with past games, something I wish Capcom would consider for other games, as well as other game developers in general.

Additionally, on March 16, Capcom is sending out “Hunter Personal Grooming Tickets” so players will be able to redo their character’s appearance. This will unfortunately be paid DLC but you will get one ticket for free so use it sparingly!

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