Nintendo switch impulse buy?!

So firstly, I’d like to thank Nintendo and all of their developers. This is a fairly new and great system. Would you be the first to say, this is the perfect console that is handheld. The first time I turned it on, it was like love at first sight, only because of the design (look) and its removable controllers. None like it, it spoke to me in a good sense that it’s incomparable. Nobody is going to buy a Nintendo switch and flat out not enjoy its sleekness. Not to mention mine used to be my dad’s and he had so many games on it, making it untouched by my eliteness (new word). Whenever I played the first game, I seen Mario Kart, it then became magic and I was stoked and played 12 races or so. But than I figured out that you can play against people really close by and so I did. With it being 3 years old it is still highly played, amazing to say the least. At $300, it is modded better than the switch lite. If it is a decision between Ps4 or Xbox one buy the Nintendo switch. It has a lot of single player games and multiplayer games has gotten better with titles getting better each year. You can use practically any USB-C charger on it making it a no brainer. It also has a quick stand incase you don’t want to play it on your tv. With its micro SD card slot making pretty expandable storage. 1280×720 resolution which is just where you would need a handheld. The battery life is about 3 hours, but when it’s docked you don’t need to worry about the battery running out. Joy con’s can be removed as well. 2 sets of controllers can be played for 4 players, 4 sets for eight players for games like super smash brothers.

So with that being said, I tied against my friend who plays online and is ranked pretty high. He was totally blown out of proportion due to me doing this, I tried easing the walk away conversation. I noticed he was bothered. Anyways, I really enjoy its online capability but my Wifi is not able to reach the console itself. Tuning out that non online mode was harsh. So with the rest of the games, which are probably not the greatest. All in all, I’ve got to hand it to the developers of Nintendo for having its down right perfect handheld. Kudos

This is one console you won’t forget, though it is compact yet it’s performance is untouchable. Having had this switch from xbox to Nintendo has been a nail biter or ball breaker. So when I get bored of the Xbox, I shoot for the stars and hop on the Nintendo. Notice that if you are bored and eager to play it, it’s not a long shot. This is totally worth every penny! But I believe if you are not fond of Nintendo, this not the console for you. As it holds old games as new titles, you’ll find yourself leaping into dwarf mode on Skyrim. Or collecting mystery boxes as you race online or offline on Mario Kart. Seemingly enough, through my tragic sense of playing only a few games, I still wish they would bring ESO to this console (Handheld). But I think I’m well off without that and still totally satisfied no matter. If you think your 50/50 on this, you need to either read blogs like this one or checkout other sources. One way to look at it, is if you focus on the particular game your wanting. That itself should settle your decision, and from my point of view it was Pokémon: Lets go Pikachu! Yet that is a totally another article/blog. So instead of me giving you a example on how I decided to get it. Think of more of the online aspect to the games you want to try. And of course Skyrim is not a multiplayer game. Read up on the games you want to play so whole heartedly, is the online experience worth giving a try, and how much do you plan on spending for everything.

Have you ever wondered, why the switch is so delicately made for our sole purpose to game? I’d say its because we need something new and exciting to fit our gaming desire. With each new title we find ourselves buying and playing to complete the game, no ones stopping you. There is always time to play each game and progress on each one. Happy gaming!

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