My Nintendo Account Got Hacked!

I wake up like any other day during the corona times, I get up, make my coffee and catch up on some notifications. Interestingly enough I see someone logged into my Nintendo account for the first time on a device 2-hours ago. I of course immediately changed my Nintendo password and log out all devices. I also noticed one person logged in from the U.K. and the other was from India, but I’m in the United States.

This isn’t a one-off instance of this happening, apparently the last couple months a lot of Nintendo accounts have been getting hacked.

Check out this official Nintendo community forum thread for some more insight on how large the situation is. Here are some examples:

Even recently last month there was an attack on Fortnite players through exploiting PayPal.

With all these Nintendo accounts being compromised, I wanted to explain a few ways to keep your Nintendo account safe, and what you should do. I know what you’re thinking, “This guy just got his account hijacked briefly, and he wants to tell us how to keep our accounts safe now?”. Yes, with this happening to me, it makes it easier to explain to people steps I took to re-secure my account and what steps I will be taking to try to prevent this from happening.

  1. Make sure your Nintendo account is linked to an email account that you frequently check or receive notifications on your phone for. If any sudden changes happen or a new device is logged into your account, Nintendo will automatically send you an email to notify you.
  2. Change your password and setup 2-Step Verification. This step alone would have prevented my account from being hijacked. 2-Step Verification is a great security method that many companies use now to combat hackers. It can be a little frustrating to setup for some, but in the long run it will save you a major headache.
  3. Check on the Nintendo website if anyone is logged into your account from a specific device right now. Someone may already be using your account and you don’t even realize it. You have the option to log everybody out.

Keep your account safe Nintendo fans!

If you have any suggestions or tips you’d like to add please let us know in the comments below!

COD: Modern warfare speaks for itself

Just to give you a little detail about my experience, I’m going to shed some light on this game. Firstly I’d like to say the game allows you to play it during an update when you first pop in the disc. Or unless you have a digital copy same goes for that. So on with the game itself, it is and was highly anticipated from a lot of gamers. Than the game was launched, my first thought was I need to buy this game, I played the original modern warfare it was awesome. So once I played the game during a update, it had me hooked and I’m not saying that just because the first match was clean cut and I was driven for a win. Weapons have their own niche with caliber and recoil, though I don’t use many of the weapons, it gave me a few options to pick up a machine gun or assault rifle. With the pistol start, I was still able to get kills regardless. And to my best of knowledge it was completely a skill based game and now on to the graphics. Talk about a complete success as far as its quality and bright map colors. Once my game finally updated, I thought where and when will my k/d be at its peak?! But in the first match, I dominated 14-7. I thought ahead and planned each spawn with intent to outplay each player, not to mention it was the way I wanted it to turn out, thank goodness.

With no set battle zone, when knowing what to do at the right time. The chemical weapons are rubbish as well as tone deaf, and of course the multiplayer is where it’s at. High octane fire fights, to a carefully plan raid on each setup. This is where experience puts you at a advantage. Hardcore mode you can take more damage, and your health regenerates. In order to confirm a kill, you have to listen to the sound of dying player. 16v16 is tedious, TDM is reluctant because rounds go quickly. Spawn at any capture point your team scores. More structure when it comes to objective rather than TDM (Team Deathmatch). Medics can bring back teammates that are in course of death. Co-op have enemies anywhere at all times from every corner. Success isn’t what you will believe from skill but feel absolutely lucky. Spec ops has realism mode, stealth, conquering, going into each game you can upgrade weapons on each wave. Going into the next wave more prepared. Gunfight, and night vision playout is a standout.

With it being the 16th Call of Duty franchise, and Infinity Ward 8th installment. It has nothing to do with the original Modern Warfares, having a different storyline. Personally, if you don’t match hardcore players, you may enjoy it more slightly vs getting beat every game. It also has a 5 hour campaign which pacing is much slower than the other Call of Duty games. Happy gunning!

Gaming during the GameCube, PS2 and Xbox Era

Online gaming has evolved drastically over the years from how we communicate in-game, to the extremely competitive nature of the hobby, and….of course the rise of video game streamers. Surely, this is the best era for gamers to play video games online? Nobody, really played online during the 6th-generation of video game consoles, right?

You’d be surprised how much online gaming has truly evolved, and how gaming organizations such as MLG Pro came to be. It is true, the 6th-generation of video game consoles was just the starting ground for online gaming on consoles, starting with the Sega Dreamcast (R.I.P), but it also set the path to how online gaming would further shape to be.

“Around the turn of the millennium, Sega’s Dreamcast became the first internet-ready console to receive a worldwide release. ”

(“The History Of Online Console Gaming”, 2011)

After, the Dreamcast failed, and Playstation2 had a successful launch, Sony started to focus on online play. Some of the most popular online games during the time were the Socom games for the PS2, and Halo 2 for the original Xbox. Xbox Live was clearly a better online experience for a price, and it helped keep Sony at it’s toes.

Socom 2 Online for the PS2

The GameCube didn’t really have an online scene in the United States, however, it did do fairly decent in Japan, but the only online games were Phantasy Star Online 1, 2, and 3: C.A.R.D Revolution (“GameCube online functionality”, 2020). So there wasn’t really much diversity in the type of online games you could play.

Back to Socom, because of the interrogated ladder system and clan management system built within the game, people got competitive quickly. As clans emerged, gamers wanted to “prove” themselves, and thus, such websites like were formed. The website did so well, that it started to host competitive ladder systems and tournaments for other games as well, shortly after then becoming Socom, had put online competitive gaming for consoles on the map, but with the name change the timing was perfect for Halo 2. Once, Halo 2 had dropped it completely took over the spotlight in online gaming in general, along side other games on the website such as Rainbow Six Three, Ghost Recon, Call of Duty, BattleField, Sports Games, etc. Eventually, the owner of GameBattles sold everything to MLG, and they took over the website completely, the website still exists but it’s no longer the hyper-active community it once was.

Online Features:

Xbox Live –
Party/Voice chat
True DLC (Extra storage)
Digital Games
Friends List
Monthly Fee

Final Fantasdy XI Online for PS2

Party/Voice Chat/Friends List all dependent on the features within the video game you’re playing.
DLC – Built into the game but unlocked after purchasing.
True DLC – You needed to buy a hard drive accessory and it was mostly used for Final Fantasy XI and Nobunagas Ambition Online.

(1) The History Of Online Console Gaming. (2011). Retrieved 9 February 2020, from

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Nintendo switch impulse buy?!

So firstly, I’d like to thank Nintendo and all of their developers. This is a fairly new and great system. Would you be the first to say, this is the perfect console that is handheld. The first time I turned it on, it was like love at first sight, only because of the design (look) and its removable controllers. None like it, it spoke to me in a good sense that it’s incomparable. Nobody is going to buy a Nintendo switch and flat out not enjoy its sleekness. Not to mention mine used to be my dad’s and he had so many games on it, making it untouched by my eliteness (new word). Whenever I played the first game, I seen Mario Kart, it then became magic and I was stoked and played 12 races or so. But than I figured out that you can play against people really close by and so I did. With it being 3 years old it is still highly played, amazing to say the least. At $300, it is modded better than the switch lite. If it is a decision between Ps4 or Xbox one buy the Nintendo switch. It has a lot of single player games and multiplayer games has gotten better with titles getting better each year. You can use practically any USB-C charger on it making it a no brainer. It also has a quick stand incase you don’t want to play it on your tv. With its micro SD card slot making pretty expandable storage. 1280×720 resolution which is just where you would need a handheld. The battery life is about 3 hours, but when it’s docked you don’t need to worry about the battery running out. Joy con’s can be removed as well. 2 sets of controllers can be played for 4 players, 4 sets for eight players for games like super smash brothers.

So with that being said, I tied against my friend who plays online and is ranked pretty high. He was totally blown out of proportion due to me doing this, I tried easing the walk away conversation. I noticed he was bothered. Anyways, I really enjoy its online capability but my Wifi is not able to reach the console itself. Tuning out that non online mode was harsh. So with the rest of the games, which are probably not the greatest. All in all, I’ve got to hand it to the developers of Nintendo for having its down right perfect handheld. Kudos

This is one console you won’t forget, though it is compact yet it’s performance is untouchable. Having had this switch from xbox to Nintendo has been a nail biter or ball breaker. So when I get bored of the Xbox, I shoot for the stars and hop on the Nintendo. Notice that if you are bored and eager to play it, it’s not a long shot. This is totally worth every penny! But I believe if you are not fond of Nintendo, this not the console for you. As it holds old games as new titles, you’ll find yourself leaping into dwarf mode on Skyrim. Or collecting mystery boxes as you race online or offline on Mario Kart. Seemingly enough, through my tragic sense of playing only a few games, I still wish they would bring ESO to this console (Handheld). But I think I’m well off without that and still totally satisfied no matter. If you think your 50/50 on this, you need to either read blogs like this one or checkout other sources. One way to look at it, is if you focus on the particular game your wanting. That itself should settle your decision, and from my point of view it was Pokémon: Lets go Pikachu! Yet that is a totally another article/blog. So instead of me giving you a example on how I decided to get it. Think of more of the online aspect to the games you want to try. And of course Skyrim is not a multiplayer game. Read up on the games you want to play so whole heartedly, is the online experience worth giving a try, and how much do you plan on spending for everything.

Have you ever wondered, why the switch is so delicately made for our sole purpose to game? I’d say its because we need something new and exciting to fit our gaming desire. With each new title we find ourselves buying and playing to complete the game, no ones stopping you. There is always time to play each game and progress on each one. Happy gaming!

eso: elsweyr pros/cons

What can I say about this nifty role playing game, the title says it all. So briefly I’m going to shed some light on this game and its utter silence. Also its key points of the country/region of Elsweyr.


You can literally become a necromancer bringing dead skeletons to life to attack an opponent.

Awesome classes/type of character if you will powerhouse your character by leveling.

Good character movement, essentially dodging some attacks.

Roam freely all across Elsweyr and taking down dragons with fellow players.

Pressing and holding the select button on the xbox one will allow you to get on your house from out of the blue.

Expansion pack includes Morrowind and Summerset from base game.

If other players are doing the same quest they will usually help defeat bosses.


Not knowing how to play will leave you dumbfounded on harder quests at such a low level.

Elsweyr contains only felion type characters throughout every quest until you leave the region/country. (50/50 feelings)

Most sidequests usually end up being hard without other players around you during the quest.

So with that being said, you can enjoy this game at its full potential once you reach PVP or a high level past 30’s. Good and bad days on main quest fulfillment in lower level quest. Dragon slaying is definitely my favorite thing about this game, simply because the reward of loot once all players take down the dragon, once you defeat the quest of 3 dragon deaths you will complete that specific main quest. Than repeat if you choose. Another great thing is the welding of weapons, and alchemy of the sorts. Carefully adding the right ingredient will land you a completed quest. If you fail this you can also find alternative ingredients. Simply googling how to complete the quest (quest name how to complete). Another fun thing to do is steal from treasure chests in random homes in-game. Beware the guards will eliminate you If you steal. They will attack or chase you out of the town. I really learned a deep lesson but the excitement of lockpicking and grabbing the loot can be rewarding at times. The rest is upon you to find your purpose on ESO: Elsweyr…

Need for speed: Heat Worth Everything?!

Today we have good games to review, and I thought I should make one on this game. Perfection is only a necessary trait to a great game, but how far does Need for speed: Heat take it? After about 12 hours of playing it says a lot. With two aspects which are Day or Night, you can consider either working on gaining more in-game cash during day mode. Or take on the heat from the cops and work on your Rep points at night. Keep in mind that either side has story mode missions. The night aspect puts you in a world of complete chaos amongst these other drivers gaining attention from cops. So you really need to maneuver either fast or drift past all the nostalgia. I purposely gain attraction from the night mode cops, so that I build more rep which gains you level. At a whopping level 19, I can either work on getting the in-game money to make my car much faster, or build a reputation in my crew. This game puts you in a car crew online as soon as you start playing the online mode. To top the icing on the cake, you can race other drivers(online) but I have yet to try this. No excuses here but still trying to make my car much faster. So that when I’m going 100 mph I can drift at high speed. Whichever route you take be always crispy when racing online due to the high velocity of cop chases, be warned if cops spot you at all they will pursuit. I truly find the art drifting and going through terrain to confuse the computer. It only makes sense to be a better driver, but with everything aside you will need a good car for starters. Grinding this game a lot is required to gain higher heat and that heat rises the longer you stay in a cop dwindled chase. So my best advice is to start earning cash in the beginning doing races and missions as a side hustle. Unless you love story mode only than focus on that. Keep drifting…

Political Agendas Are Taking Over Gaming


Remember when you could play a video game and not worry if there was going to be a male or female main character(MC), or what race they were going to be? It could have been a damn little green alien as the MC for all you knew and it would have been easily game of the year for you. You got a game that looked cool based off magazine or online reviews and the art cover, but did you ever really think to yourself “Oh boy if this game has a woman in it, I’m not buying it”. Hell I’d say it was the opposite effect in some cases, for example “Tomb Raider” for the PlayStation 1 was a major hit and it was the 6th highest selling title for the system. Nobody cared that a woman was the protagonist. You could argue and say that Lara Croft was over “sexualized” and that’s why it did so well. It was one of the first video games to have a emphasis on female breasts but I call that bullshit. The game holds a 91 Metascore and 8.5 User Score respectively.  I’m not much for game review scores determining if a game is good or not, but it gives you the general idea overall how well the game did in most cases, so how could a pair of breasts achieve such a positive score alone? It may have helped, but a pair of breasts did not inspire amazing games such as the Uncharted series, to use the Tomb Raider formula within it’s own games. (Ironically, Tomb Raider now tries to be like Uncharted)

So it is clear that in the past, regardless if the main character was a male or female, it really wasn’t a big deal or at least not a hot controversy issue as it is today. Sure there wasn’t social media and the revolutionary internet we have today to help spark off debates, but gamers still socialized and interacted during the early internet days.

A quote back from 2012:
“The more women we have playing games, the more we will be able to have a balance between women and men in the games,” said Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft.”

Why do we need more females playing video games? 

Why can’t more females just play video games because they like video games?  Why is it an issue if females don’t play video games as much as guys in first place?  It sounds like it’s more of a problem for video game companies than an issue for the general public. Having more females buy video games on top of the usual male audience sounds like a nice bonus for any company. Plus, it’s not like females aren’t being represented at all, there has been a lot of progress towards having more female involvement. Overwatch, Final Fantasy 13, League of Legends, Tomb Raider, Child of Light, Horizon Dawn, etc. are just a few titles with female main characters or strong female characters in general. 

Females SHOULD be represented in video games and there is nothing wrong with pushing for this. However, it shouldn’t be done by force. It shouldn’t be “Hey lets make a game that involves more females”, it should be “Hey lets make a new game, I got a great idea for a Nordic Princess that’s been frozen for years and when she gets unfrozen she comes back and finds everybody dead, and avenges her village, etc.”. It should be about making a great game for people to enjoy, it shouldn’t have to inject a certain demographic into the game just because it would include more female or certain races’ involvement.  

Games such as God of War should not be criticized for it’s lack of female representation. The game’s intended audience was meant for males, so why should the game be forced to add more of a female balance? You don’t play a Barbie video game and then write a huge article on how Ken doesn’t realistically represent men or that he doesn’t have enough voice lines. BECAUSE IT’S A GAME MEANT FOR GIRLS. The hypocrisy that has plagued politics since the beginning of time has invaded the hobby that we once knew as video gaming.

Unfortunately, I think the political agenda plague has already taken over the video game industry and there is no turning back. The video game industry was never free of political agendas but most of the time it got blown off. Besides small instances like for example Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas adding a African-American as the main character, which did show some “pushback” from fans, but ultimately was ignored once the game was out and everyone realized it was an amazing game. You see the difference here? Rockstar wasn’t trying to just inject a demographic appeal towards African-Americans. The game was well made, you could clearly tell it was well thought out, it had an excellent story, it was very in-depth with what you could do in the game and it was not just a cheap cash-in for Rockstar to take advantage of, even if they did make an insane amount of money off the game, it was made for gamers to enjoy. 

There came a time where video games stopped being about us gamers, and it’s just become another bullshit media take over. Games are more about presenting an image and a stance than they are about actually being played and providing a great experience for the person playing them. How the fuck else do you explain the popularity of Twitch? You’re telling me those viewer counts aren’t higher than the amount of people actually playing the game?

Why did Blizzard have to make Solider 76 gay? I honestly don’t care who likes who, or what someone decides to do, as long as they don’t hurt anybody else in the process, but Overwatch has been out since May 24, 2016, so why would this type of information matter? Why not leave it up to the player’s imagination? This is just one of the examples you see where video game companies try to take advantage of consumers. It’s quite sickening if you think about it. There are people out there apart of the LGBT community and they’re being misrepresented with corporate media bullshit and pushed agendas, at least in my opinion. 

There is a lot I’d love to say further, but I will end this as PART 1 of the political agenda take over of video games article. 

Clash Royale – Stuck at 50% Updating Fix 2020

I’m not exactly a big mobile gamer, but I do enjoy playing Clash Royale, so much that I’ve been playing the game before it even launched in March 2, 2016.  I even stream it

However, one annoying issue I’ve ran into while playing the game over the years, is that on occasion it will load up to 50% and just literally not budge, preventing you from entering and playing the game. The game eventually tells me to retry and just fails endlessly. In some rare occasions, I’ve been able to switch from my 5G WiFi connection to my 2.4G WiFi connection and this has resolved it. 
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Grand Theft Auto 5 – Crispy Review

Recently rockstar just imposed on all of us their new strip club DLC,  reporting new cars,  possibly weapons, as well as money.  (gta v cash of course)  So we have received an edge in the past DLC’s with money on our profile. But this is to good to be true,  to find out more on the strip club DLC please visit their website.


So my personal review of the game will probably be one sided and an over the edge to say the least,  it’s in game mechanics are far beyond fast paced but most of our awareness handles that really well. Fast cars are not easy to come by but there’s free cars that can be upgraded with another of hustle by earning cash in Lamar missions and bank heists.  Their always coming up with new game modes and from my understanding Lamar missions go on for as long as you own the game. Beating the story mode is definitely interesting to me for I’ve completed it with no missions left at a whopping 92.3% but with that being said I have no clue what else there is to do besides stunt jumps and those are impossible to find.
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