PC display issues & Tips Streaming On Twitch

So basically I’m having trouble with my PC, to start things off, I’m in no way a writer. Ok now we got that off your shoulders, lets begin by saying, “My PC is having display issues”. So your wondering what caused this and how did he handle it. I can start by saying, It’s still under warranty. And I sure enough sent it in to get any repair needed. So to understand Display issues, I simply tried everything in the book or troubleshooting skills. Tried 4 cables, tried switching to my tv. To no avail nothing worked. I even took out the Graphics card/RAM sticks/ and removed battery and placed them back in secure.

The customer support guy had walked me through this, so don’t panic delta, you can just send it in. Well rather I also tried putting windows recovery on a flash drive and boot up the gaming PC. Still another tragedy to try absolutely everything in order to resolve the issue. Except giving the DVI cable a try, I chose to send it in and not mess up anything if I haven’t already. So now it’s just a waiting game to get the gaming PC back. So now I’m in the Xbox one phase once again. To stream, is to strive. What I’m saying is why not stream or watch Alwayscrispy on Twitch.tv/alwayscrispy.

As for the streaming part, I built an inspiration. Just giving a relaxed go ahead. Well now your probably wondering like me, what game do I need to stream? I said to myself, why not stream what I play the most. A game I’m actually good at times. Reality sets in once you hit your first viewer and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on. You whole heartedly want to gain attraction for your stream. I’d say you should likely put it in your bio on Xbox, or even your in game clan tag. If your gamer tag or psn is your twitch name, then you my friend have the perfect gamertag or psn name.

Back on topic, we all honestly can’t stream, and sure enough we all need to fill in the gap of upcoming streamers vs well established streamers. They have the help they need, try grinding your first 8 hours and see if you don’t notice a change. What you can do, is interact with your viewers, by answering questions or asking them. I love interacting with my stream chat, it’s basically a golden ticket. Than here comes the chocolate, or should I say affiliate. Regardless, I intend myself on streaming some nights to build my online presence.

Give some nights a try or day peak hours. Either way it is a fun experience, and not only that is you can make new friends along the way. I totally condone a matter of being oneself, or yourself. Pick week days, or weekends if you work. Try not to shut yourself down before a stream and you feel a heavy lift over your eyes. We all need breaks, so find time to give yourself a 5-10 minute break. What if I lose viewers? 9 times out of 10 your still attracting new viewers or dedicated viewers will stick around. Most likely, they were never going to follow if they notice any sort of break.

To end things off, I want to respectfully say, don’t give up. If grinding doesn’t work out you can always try again the next day/night. I know for a fact just because I average 1-3 viewers doesn’t put me above yourself. It means I put in the hours to build the attention, good gaming will attract more viewers as well. Try not to stream mine craft for 8 hours unless you feel confident and want to grind your stream till it crashes. Modern warfare, Halo MCC, RPG games, or even Dragon ball z kakarot. Start grinding!

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