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How to start making montages In 5 Steps!

So you are trying to make a montage and a good one at that. I will guide you with my method, and so on. First things first, you need clips, and if you got really good clips than you are in luck.

Requirements: You might need at least 4-8GB of Ram. Decent editing program, knowledge on editing.

Below are 5 steps you can take to make your first montage:

Step 1 – Gather Your Sources/Materials/Clips:

So it’s your first time making a montage than this article is going to help you create your first Montage. As well as gain credibility amongst your friends or online buddies. Start by gathering all your clips from your Xbox or PlayStation with a Capture card(such as Blackmagic design – Intensity Pro 4k).

Methods for retrieving your clips:

  • www.Xboxdvr.com for Xbox One
  • PS4 you will need a flash drive, to download the clips you want off your system.

Then upload the clips to the editing program of your choosing. Once you have done this you can start editing each clip one by one. Also, cut out the parts you don’t want on your first montage. Once you have edited all the clips and sliced bad parts then you will start by editing each clip with effects. Such as hue/saturation/greyscale.

Each clip comes personalization to fit your likings. Try using contrast/ brightness with a color scale of any of color and not overdoing the brightness. Taking time on each clip will build you a better presentation. To whom you want to view your montage. Using simple transitions, and slicing clips will not do you any justice.

Step 2 – Editing:

Try to make each clip clean, greyscale throughout the montage up to 2-3 clips for the entire project/montage. The same goes for the previously mentioned settings, be creative and you will do just fine. Start by figuring out how you want the clip to look. It can be an altering hue/saturation or making it a specific color. With it being 50/50 opacity for the color. You don’t want to overpower the clip with too much of an effect but making it so you viewers will like it.

Try adding a zoom effect if you prefer this type of editing. To have great transitions you will need to allow yourself to have clips of no editing. You want people to feel as if they are looking at professional work with some originality. The reason being is that if all the clips are using effects of some sort, you might get the wrong reaction to your montage. I’d say 2-4 clips throughout the montage will be just raw cut, no editing attached.

Step 3 – Intro/Outro:

You might even create your montage without transitions. Most people might use transitions, but in yours, you may choose to do so. Once you have down everything you want on your montage, you will need an awesome intro. How do you go about this? Well, there are 3rd party websites that make free ones but paying $10-15 for a really good one that’s going to keep your viewers watching then you are set.

Add it to your montage in the beginning and create an outro using the program you are using. I use a black background and white text. Having a good outro and intro are very important steps you will need to take, so picking the right one will you to gain attention. Try and google one, or have one made from someone you know will highly benefit you on this project.

Step 4 – Quality/Uploading/Approach:

Be sure to upload it in HD. Or 1080p. Next is finding the right video site to upload. There are various websites that you can use, the idea is to find the right viewers and engagement. Youtube may or may not be the choice for you, for some it will be. Facebook or Vimeo are perfect alternatives for uploading large files. The best way to gain attraction is to tell your friends on console or pc, word of mouth is your best option for your specific genre. Telling your friend who doesn’t play any video games can be difficult but it’s worth that 1 view. You may even go as far as emailing it to several people and ask them to share it with anyone they can.

Step 5 – Release:

Gather your friends in a party on a console or even pc, tell them you are just starting out making montages and need feedback. Or tell them you made a montage and would like to show them. Anyone who appreciates video games will also like viewing a friend’s montage. The first time I made a montage it wasn’t bad but I lucked out with the number of friends I had told. Please do not spam your friends. Simply upload it to your news feed on Instagram or Facebook and tell close friends to share it if possible. Telling anyone you know is likely the best method for getting engagement.

Once you have finished editing and uploading it you will find yourself trying to reach a larger audience but this is not a necessary thing, you will find yourself trying too hard and making fewer people interested. I’d suggest perfecting the editing with effects and making each clip worthwhile. If you have an awesome montage and would like Alwayscrispy to view it and rate your montage join our discord! We will love to watch your montage and give you feedback on what you can do to make it better or give you a good rating.

If you have no editing skills, learning a simple program like Video editor can be hard to handle at first. It may even tell you to try the editing programs on the Microsoft store. Once you have stumbled upon a program you can handle, it then depends on how much time you spend on the montage to make it near perfect. Please do not spend hundreds of dollars on an editing program you won’t like or cannot figure out. Watching tutorials on a specific program to learn the basics and few tricks you will be able to release a montage asap!

My firsthand experience with programs such as Sony Vegas 7, or movie maker on windows vista landed me nowhere sadly. Until Windows 10 was released I was able to search for a good program. Cost me nothing, and not to mention that a friend who wanted to be in the montage put in money for an intro. Anyone who would like to know the basics can and will be able to adjust to any program, except maybe After Effects CC.

This is only meant for people who create intros. If you have no desire to create and are willing to be patient than asking anyone you know who has the experience to help you make one. You might be wondering what game to make a montage on! You could have one made by a friend, simply google “What game should I make a montage on?” or whichever game is your most favorite and have clips on that is your best choice.

Alternatives such as apps that create a montage for you will have a small impact on your viewers. Avoid this because it is not 100% creative. If you choose this route/method, you won’t like the results. It may make you feel like it was a waste of time and effort. The only thing I suggest is creating your own or find someone who will make it for you that is good or decent at making montages.

Preferred capture card: Intensity pro 4k, Link to product: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/intensitypro4k